I've been to a ton of bachelorette parties and there hasn't been a bad one yet. Whether we've celebrated at someone's house, had a private party at a restaurant, or even went bar hopping, they've always been a blast. Let's admit that sometimes the ladies can be worse than the guys! I've decided to share some places a group of us went to for a friend's party, which was quite memorable.

1. Pole Katz Fitness

We rented a party bus and our first stop was Pole Katz Fitness on Torrey Road in Flint. It's a great place and it's not what you think at all when you think pole dancing. Brianna, the owner, really focuses on making it a great workout and feeling empowered. She allows Bachelorette parties to come by and we learn a couple of routines and away we go. It's a good way to get the night started. Plus, you get a workout in before you really get going.

2. Scooters Bar & Grill

What's nice about Pole Katz is the fact that there's a bar next door, which is Scooters Bar & Grill. We went there for our second stop and sure enough found people who wanted to buy the bachelorette party drinks. It's never hard to get someone to buy you drinks when you're with a bachelorette party. That probably sounds shallow, but why turn down free drinks? We also had a two team scavenger hunt, where we had to find people to give us items. I won't go into details with what they were, but you get the idea. Scooters usually has a DJ, so we were able to get on the dance floor.

3. Sharky's Sports Bar

Sharky's was our next stop in the evening. It's a good place to go to get a burger and other snacks and they always have great specials. It's always busy and if you're into darts, you can always find other people to play. I remember the bride to be challenged some other patrons in a round of darts and did really well. After she embarrassed herself really bad, it was time to leave to head to the next place.

4. Nathan J's

I know this may sound terrible that I'm admitting this, but ladies let's be honest, we go to places like Nathan J's for parties and it's really not that big of a deal. When we stopped in here, we actually ran into another bachelorette party but didn't stay long. Again, we went for entertaining purposes, which it definitely was. Plus, another chance to get some free drinks. You don't really need to stay here very long but it can be fun.

5. Maxie's

We decided to end the party at Maxie's because we really wanted to sing some karaoke. If you're not into karaoke, you could always go to the other side and dance. It's nice to have the option to go back and forth, especially if you don't want to listen to really bad singing. In the summer, they also have their tiki bar open which is also really nice. This is a good place to wrap up your night.

Hopefully this list has helped you if you're looking for ideas. Where are some places you've gone to? I actually have to start planning a party, so if you have other suggestions, let me know.