• Things to Do on Memorial Day

    by: Tim Gray

    Memorial Day is a holiday that was created to honor the fallen soldiers of the Confederate and Union Armed Forces of the American Civil War, it was extended after the first World War to commemorate all soldiers of all wars. We currently use this as a kick-off of summer vacations.

    Joe Raedle, Getty Images
  • Best Playgrounds in Flint

    by: Rod Prahin

    It won't be long now, soon the kids will be out of school and shouting those two words that every parent has heard: I'm bored. That means you have to kick into high gear and become mom/dad recreation director. How about some very inexpensive and fun ideas? Some of the area's best playgrounds are tucked away near your own back yard.

    Guimo, Flickr
  • by: Erin Bishop

    I’ve been to a ton of bachelorette parties and there hasn’t been a bad one yet. Whether we’ve celebrated at someone’s house, had a private party at a restaurant, or even went bar hopping, they’ve always been a blast. Let’s admit that sometimes the ladies can be worse than the guys! I’ve decided to share some places a group of us went to for a friend’s party, which was quite memorable.

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  • Best Places to Take Mom on Mother’s Day in Flint

    by: J. Patrick

    Looking for something great to get do for your Mother on Mothers Day? I have compiled a great list of the best places to take your Mother on Mothers Day in Flint. Whether its out to a breakfast buffet, an afternoon at the spa, dinner out at a nice restaurant or a very special homemade dinner at your place, I’ve got you covered.

    Lauren Manning, Flickr