• Best Places to Get Pumpkins in Flint

    by: Tim Gray

    It's that time of year again -- time to get the kids around and head out to find the perfect pumpkin. Whether your on the search for the "Great Pumpkin" or just the perfect carving pumpkin, there are plenty of places to find what your looking for right in your own backyard --- or maybe a short drive away!

  • Labor Day Sales in Flint

    by: Tim Gray

    When we think of Labor Day, we normally think going up north for that last summer vacation, cook-outs with family and friends and the kids going back to school soon. Something we rarely take advantage of are the Labor Day or end-of-summer sales at local retailers. We have come up with some of the best retailers to visit this Labor Day weekend.

    Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr
  • Where to Go to Fill Out Your School Supplies List

    by: Tim Gray

    So when you think of summer you may think of fun in the sun and holidays like 4th of July -- so why are you seeing Back to School supplies in-stores as soon as this holiday is over? Just like the Christmas season, retailers want to get a jump on the season, and most likely will have back to school supplies offered through September.

    EvelynGiggles, Flickr
  • Worst Traffic Lights in Flint

    by: Rod Prahin

    Before traffic lights there was gridlock, we complained about that. Then of course came the traffic light, everyone was happy, except the person that was sitting in front of the red light. Traffic lights, like a lot of things are subjective, depends on the day, time, your mood and how big of a hurry you are in. Having said all of that here are my five least favorite traffic lights in Flint.

    LoopZilla, Flickr
  • Flint Buildings and Their Story

    by: Erin Bishop

    The city of Flint has been around for a very long time and has many historical sites and buildings in the area and surrounding areas. Several buildings have stories and facts that go along with it that maybe you aren't aware of. I've decided to share my top five buildings that I find very interesting. Feel free to share some of yours as well after you read mine.

  • Living Legends in Flint

    by: Zoe Burdine-Fly

    There are many living legends in Flint known for many things. I could have gone have in a lot of different directions when picking my top five local living legends; I choose to keep it upbeat and positive. Here are my top five picks for Flint’s living legends. Who would you have picked?

  • Best Places to Cool Off in Flint This Summer

    by: Tim Gray

    With the temperatures climbing we will soon be looking for great places to stay out of the heat. Of course you could hit the beach, head to the pool or find someone with a boat and relax on that, but let's face it, you'll still be in the heat. Here are some other ideas that may keep you a bit cooler than staying in the sun.

    Flickr, Hailgumby
  • Fourth of July Events in Flint

    by: Zoe Burdine-Fly

    There are so many options to choose from in the Flint area on the Fourth of July weekend. I literally could fill an entire page of great events that happen surrounding our community, but I thought I would just give you my top five picks on how you could spend your July 4th weekend.

    riptheskull, Flickr
  • The Best Places To Swim In The Flint Area

    by: Zoe Burdine-Fly

    Summer has not even officially arrived and we are already in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave to welcome summer in Flint. The best way to survive the heat, humid and sticky summers in our area is to find the best location to cool off. We have many beaches, pools, rivers and lakes, but I want to share with you the BEST places to swim and enjoy a great summer day near Flint.

    Flickr, Simon Welsh
  • Best Places to Take Your Dog in Flint

    by: J. Patrick & Erin Bishop

    Now that it’s finally nice outside, it’s probably a lot easier to take your pets out for some much needed exercise. J and I decided to come up with a list of favorite places to take our pets (Sammi and Morgan) and thought we would share with you, in case you’re looking for somewhere to go.

    J. Patrick