A good police officer knows that a teddy bear can often help children who have been rescued from a stressful situation.

A really good police officer knows that teddy bears sometimes need to be rescued too. Watch this heart-warming footage.

Sergeant Jason Cullum, of Evansville, Indiana was on a normal patrol of I-64 when he noticed an object in the roadway. Thanks to his on-board dash cam the whole world now knows of Cullum's soft side as footage shows him stopping on the busy highway to retrieve the teddy bear, and then a few miles up to give the toy back to his worried and grateful family, who had stopped to look for it.

The cop with such a big heart was able to later arrange a meeting at the local library to say hello again to the bear, who's name is Chocolate, and to meet the eight year-old girl who was so very happy to have him back. Nikki Mayo has had her beloved bear since she was four and says Chocolate "is the first bear I've ever had."

Sergeant Cullum is surprised at the attention his good deed has attracted and says simply, "We know the importance a teddy bear plays in society. They save the world sometimes. On that day the teddy bear needed saving."

Catch all of the details of this heartwarming story in the video below.