Last week, Michigan Department of Natural Resources workers rescued a bear from a culvert on I-75 in Bay County and released it back into the wild after tagging it with a radio collar to track it's movements. Sadly, the bear was killed today after being struck by a car in Bay County's Garfield Township.

While collisions between cars and bears are unusual, they are not unheard of. Bears are on the move in the springtime once they emerge from hibernation. DNR wildlife outreach technician Katie Keen said the 180 pound black bear had been tracked to an area close to I-75 and Erickson road Monday afternoon before receiving a call about the collision. Keen said that the bear was probably in this area searching for food, which is not uncommon as black bears are sometimes spotted in rural areas of Bay and Midland County.

One more thing to watch out for in Mid-Michigan. Bears. Oh my.