It's time to start getting ready for Back to the Bricks which will take place the end of August. To start promoting the event, people are getting ready for the Michigan Mitten tour, which starts June 17.

Last year if you remember, the group drove to New York, but decided to stay in Michigan this time around. So far, over 100 cars have signed up for the event, according to ABC-12. The group will be gone for a week, with activities going on at every stop, according to Michigan Mitten co-chair Karen Bolton:

'"Every city is highlighting what they're known for. Caseville for instance, they're cheeseburgers. They're putting on a cheeseburger luncheon for us free.'"

Burton resident Rhonda Rau is one of many taking part in the promotional tour:

'"I decided to take part because Al Hatch told me to spend my money on Michigan instead of going on the Hot Rod Power Tour where I'd be spending it in other states.'"

Last year was my first Back to the Bricks and it was a blast. I'm not a huge car person, but I really enjoyed looking at all of them and was amazed to see how many people bring out their cars for the event. It's also nice to see downtown busy with different activities going on throughout the week. We're really involved with the event, so we'll keep you posted when we have more details.

What's your favorite part about Back to the Bricks? Did you go last year? Are you going to be part of the Michigan Mitten tour? Will your car be displayed during that week?