Here is everything you need to know about our Baby New Year Contest, so please read all of the information below carefully:

  • Winner gets a $250 Babies R Us gift card and a $250 savings account at Financial Plus Credit Union in their name
  • To enter you must submit a picture of your child using the form below or via email
  • Email submissions will only be accepted if all required information and files(see form below) are contained in one email that has the subject line "Baby New Year Entry." If you leave something out, please send us another email with all of the info/files we need
  • Only children born during or after 2013 are eligible
  • You can only submit one picture per child (we will not use collages, nor will we switch pictures)
  • You can only submit a picture of a child you are the legal guardian of
  • The winner will be decided over multiple rounds of voting that will take place on a few different platforms (our website, Facebook, etc.)
  • There will be different rules for each round of voting, although we reserve the right to disqualify anyone who is suspected of cheating (we know what it looks like, so don't bother)
  • If you are not willing to sign up for Passenger Rewards, which is free and literally has no down side, to vote for your own kid -- don't bother submitting a photo
  • No naked babies please (girls must have shirt on also)
  • You will be required to prove that the child in the photo is yours and that you are their legal guardian if you win
  • You can enter twins (and Irish twins) together with one entry (pictured together, still no collages)
  • You must live within the WCRZ listening area to enter
  • The submission period will end on Friday, January 17th at 12p and voting will start on Monday, January 20th at 12p (dates and times for voting/submissions subject to change)
  • Employees of the sponsors are not eligible to enter
  • We reserve the right to disqualify anyone we feel is being disrespectful to one of the contestants. Don't say mean things about the babies or we will remove your child from the contest
  • All of our regular contest rules apply as well, you can read those by clicking here

Round 1 ran from Monday, January 20th at 12p to Friday, January 24th at 12p. The rules for Round 1 are listed below:

      • During Round 1, each Passenger Rewards member is allowed one vote per hour, per household/office (if you’re worried that your vote isn’t being counted, please re-read this part several times and ask yourself if it applies to your situation before you email us)
      • You must be logged in to your Passenger Rewards account to vote
      • At the end of Round 1, the contestants with the lowest share of the vote will be removed from the running and the results will be reset for Round 2
      • It is normal for the percentage of the vote your child has to go up and down drastically, please do not email us about this
      • We entered all the contestants with the exact information that was submitted. If you see that you made a mistake on the entry form, please let us know as soon as possible
      • Do not make fun of or insult any of the contestants. If you do, your child will be removed from the contest no questions asked
      • Again, if your vote isn’t being counted — ask yourself the following questions:

A) When was the last time I voted…Was it less than an hour ago?
B) How many people are voting from my household… Is there more than one person trying to vote per hour?
If you answer yes to either of those questions, then you have figured out the problem.

Round 1 Results