We spent this past week featuring cats on our Pals With Paws web page, and I just want to say thanks to all of you who sent in your photos. Today's feline friends put a wrap on cat week, it's a gang of three.

Let's take them in order starting with Baby, the black and white cat is 12-years-old and is mom’s (Sue) favorite, she loves back rubs everyday.

Abby, the orange tiger cat in the middle is three-years-old is dad’s favorite and is considered the baby of the family. Abby loves to play fetch.

Last but not least is Betsey, on the bottom, Betsey is also 12-years-old and considered the most needy of the bunch. Betsey is the most talkative when it's food time. Sue says, our cats are a big part of our family and are extremely spoiled and loved. We start dog week tomorrow, on Pals with Paws.