With all of the recent commotion about the Australian DJs whose innocent prank turned deadly, I was stunned when I found this internet gem. A safety video for Australia’s TRAIN system was intended to be a public service announcement. However, in just a few weeks the animated music video has gotten over 30 million hits on YouTube!

The lyrics list a bunch of idiotic ways you could get yourself killed, like by eating a tube of Super Glue, or setting fire to your own hair. Apparently people are finding the song quite catchy since it's been downloaded from iTunes over 10,000 times!

What other dumb ways can you think of to kill yourself? Perhaps, by replacing the bricks on Saginaw Street without stopping traffic? Or snorkeling in the Flint River while wearing concrete boots?  Since it's been so cold lately, what about sticking your tongue to the top of the Weather Ball and then jumping off?