This is a great story, because it's an issue that most people are not aware of, the fact that there are a lot of displaced animals in the war zone. I know we have a lot  of animals running loose here in the states, but what's happening is a lot of military men and woman are getting attached to some of the animals overseas. Learn more about the dog rescue after the jump.

Here's how it all got started,Two stray dogs found comfort and companionship with a company of U.S. Army soldiers at a remote firebase in eastern Afghanistan. But as the unit prepared to return to Fort Campbell, the soldiers didn't want to leave the dogs behind.

So their spouses back at the installation on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line have raised about $6,000 to fly the dogs from a war zone to their new homes. This is something you could do anywhere, if you had the interest. A great cause with a great result.