Spring might be here officially, but winter will linger for many of this area's students.

To recap the winter; record breaking snow, a Polar Vortex or two and lots of weather related days off area students.Those lost days have many parents wondering when their student's last day of school will be.

A new calendar, released today, answers that question.

For most Genesee County students, the school year will end with a full day on Monday, June 16... four days later than planned.

There are three exceptions, and the reason isn't snow. Power outages at West Middle School and Reid Elementary will extend their school year until Tuesday, June 17, with a full day. Brendel Elementary will end their year on Wednesday, June 18, with a full day.

The Davison District calendar shows that their last day full day for all students is Wednesday, June 17, followed by 1/2 days for all students on Thursday, June 18 and Friday, June 19.

For Lapeer Community School students, their calendar shows their last day as Friday, June 13, with a full day. That will probably change. We'll look for updates.

School administrators want to stress that at least 75% of a school's student body needs to be present on these extra days, or the school will lose its' prorated state aid for the day.

We always welcome your feedback. Will the extended school year affect your summer plans?