Let's face it, the city of Flint needs to raise some money. If you want to park your vehicle on or close to Saginaw Street, it'll cost you a dollar an hour. The new parking meters will be a little different that the ones we've seen before. The kiosks will be solar powered and will take coins and credit cards. It is expected that all the parking kiosks will be operational in about 30 days.

If you want to park in the downtown business district, it'll cost you $1 an hour during business hours. Nights and weekends will still be free. The new parking kiosks will require you to enter your license plate number, but will allow you to move to a better spot without having to pay again.

Ironically, money raised from the parking fees will help to pay off the construction bonds for the Rutherford Parking structure, where very few people seem to want to park.