It seems like summer just started, yet fall is just weeks away.  But for students in Genesee Country and across the country, summer ended yesterday as today marks the start of another school year.

My oldest son has a year under his belt as he advances to first grade, while my daughter is starting her academic career today in kindergarten.  However, it will be a new experience for both of them as we just moved to a new school district.

My wife has the day off, so she is able to get the kids on the bus, and go to the school to get them under way.  Then she gets to spend the day with our youngest, now that he is the only one not yet in school.

Do you as a parent look forward to getting a break from the kids when they're at school for the better part of the day?  We're still moving into our new house so the break will be nice.  But after having fun with the kids all summer, I am going to miss having the whole group during the day.