According to our non-scientific poll you the Cars 108 listener say stores should be closed on Thanksgiving day.

We posted this question on the Cars 108 Facebook page yesterday: Do you think stores should be open on Thanksgiving Day? The majority of you said no. You might wonder why stores are open on Thanksgiving if so many people complain about it.

Here's why. I did a bit of research, it seems as though it's all about simple economics. After the economy tanked in 2008 many retailers both large and small had to find a way to make up for the soft years between then and now. Enter 'Black Friday' on Thanksgiving day.

It's all about taking advantage of's. Really if you pay attention you'll notice the marketing by major retailers has ramped up tremendously year around not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's been changing for a few years. The end result is that we do actually respond and go to their store. Happy shopping.