A few months ago a longtime listener dropped off a CD for me that featured the Cars Classic Lunch from September 30th, 1993... the actual broadcast from more than 19 years ago. It featured a number of people and businesses with their requests and dedications. Were you listening to the Cars Classic Lunch 19 years ago? If so, you could be part of the history of this CD. Here are a few of the names and businesses that are featured:

There is a dedication to Dawn Linker at Entrecon as she celebrated her 30th birthday. We went back in time 30 years to the number one song on the day she was born. There is also a dedication to Mickey at US Coney Island on Dort Highway, and a special dedication for Bob's birthday from his wife. Bob was working at Powertrain at the time.

The guys over at Buick City who made their living by "hanging bumpers" requested Sam Cooke's big hit, Chain Gang. That same day Bill Brooks was celebrating 30 years at AC Spark Plug in department 7202 and his wife sent out a special song for him.

There are dedications for Clay, and birthday wishes for Benji Trimble, who was 13 at the time (He would now be 32). Bonnie & the crew at Creative Glass had fun with their pick, and in our round of musical trivia, we had a local celebrity winner!

The show is a snapshot of our community in 1993 and if you were calling in requests, you just might be one of the stars. We will be posting Part one tomorrow, which we made a companion video for -- think Cars Classic Lunch + Pop-Up Video -- and part two will follow shortly. It is a very fun trip back in time and I hope you will join me with some memories of September 1993 at WCRZ.com tomorrow. Watch for it!