You know those iPhone earbuds? They might become a thing of the past thanks to Apple.

According to The Japanese Mac blog Macotakara, Apple will remove the 3.5-mm headphone jack on the next iPhone model. Future headphone use will be transmitted through the Lightning port. If the rumors are true, you will have to buy new fangled special Apple headphones in order for you to listen to music or really anything else you enjoyed with any sort of headphones.

People are freaking out! Even the website for Mac lovers,, is stating:

We expect that if this rumor proves to be true, Apple will end up alienating customers and manufacturers alike, and it won’t be a transitory thing like the charging cable change-up. Dropping the iPhone headphone jack would represent a serious drop in functionality in favor of claiming even more control over what people can and can’t plug into their phones.

Yikes! Maybe Apple should sell torches and pitchforks in preparation for the impending riots.