These harsh ads do make the kids look miserable. If I had a child that was over weight I don't think I would feel comfortable parading them in front of a camera to talk about their issue. All in the name of money I'm sure.

The ads were done by the folks at  Strong4Life. Take a look at the ad after the jump.

The ads feature children talking about their weight issues in between harrowing messages such as, 'Some diseases aren’t just for adults anymore,' and 'Being fat takes the fun out of being a kid.'

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, which co-founded the Strong4Life ad campaign, intended for the ads to be grim, hoping the clips would help parents recognize the severity of the obesity epidemic in Georgia, where it is the second highest in the nation.

Critics are slamming the campaign for its use of shock tactics, saying the ads don’t actually offer a solution to child obesity. Experts also worry the campaign will create self-confidence problems for overweight children.

Do you think it's wrong to use the kids in the ads? Watch one of the ads below.