It's not that I don't have empathy for this woman's situation...the frustration is understandable.

But gun shots...seriously?

It started with a botched food order on Sunday evening. When Shaneka Monique Torres and her companion complained, employees at the Grand Rapid's McDonalds offered the two women a free meal the next time they came in.

Torres and her friend returned to the same location at 3a.m. on Monday morning and made the same order as before. Their order was incorrect again.

The two women verbally confronted the McDonald's employees, and Torres got out of the vehicle to shoot one round from her pistol.

Police had no trouble locating Torres. She left her phone number with the McDonald's manager on Sunday evening, after the first incorrect order. She will be arraigned for concealing a weapon without a permit and discharging a loaded gun into an occupied building.

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