Usually Oscar nominated movies will return to the theaters for an extended run. That isn't the case with 'Anchorman 2' however.

No, the Anchorman sequel didn't get nominated for any Oscars, but the gang will be back for an extended run according to director Adam McKay. Last year he teased an extended cut saying with "so much improv on this one we can literally replace every single joke in the movie and put in alt scenes and alt improv runs."

The new version will feature an R-rating and promises 763 new jokes. It will open in theaters on February 28 for just one week.

Given the abysmal response of the initial sequel, the studio could be looking to try and redeem some of the millions poured into it. But it begs the question: If this version is expected to be funnier and raunchier, why not release it from the get-go?