Sad news today as singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London home, according to MSNBC. She was 27-years-old and just left a treatment center a month ago, but authorities haven't confirmed the cause of death. An autopsy is supposed to be done sometime today. Winehouse is known for her drunken and destructive behavior at her concerts and in public in general.

She became famous with her "Back to Black" album, which gave her five grammy's for the album. She pretty much was a mess, especially going in and out of rehab, getting out of control at her concerts and even the incident where police questioned her for slapping some guy when she was out one night. When she performed at concerts, most times she couldn't even get through the songs and always seemed very out of it.

Just a few days ago, Winehouse surprised fans and took the stage with Dionne Bromfield, who was performing right around the corner from her house. It's too bad she couldn't really get her life together, especially since she was so talented.