Check out Amos the wonder horse, he plays basketball and paints. If that's not amazing enough, Amos can also solve puzzles and is learning how to play the Xylophone.  The ten-year-old miniature horse was taught all of these tricks by his owner Shelly Saidel. Who doesn't love videos of animals doing human things?

Take the jump to watch Amos perform.

Trainers say that if a horse can pick something up with its mouth, you can get it to do just about anything. Shelly says that it took her about three days to teach Amos how to play basketball.

Amos also volunteers, spending time with special needs children, veterans and people in nursing homes.  Amos not only helps put a smile on everyone's face, but she said he too loves all his creative tricks.

Watch Amos in the video below, keep in mind he's a horse doing tricks.