It comes as no surprise to me. As a matter of fact I've always thought it was an obvious answer. What is America's favorite beverage? It isn't a coincidence that when you stop for a drink you will see many more beer bottles lined up on tables than wine or martinis, and that’s not a coincidence — a new survey informs us that beer is America’s favorite alcoholic beverage.

The Gallup poll discovered that two-thirds of American adults drink at least occasionally, and when we do, 39 percent of us opt for beer. Another 35 percent uncork a bottle of wine, and less than a quarter reach for hard liquor.

Beer is the primary choice of people in the Midwest, by men, while wine is the pick for the East Coast collection of women.


So, the next time you're in a bar tipping a cold one, look around and see what America is drinking. And if you’re looking for a drinker’s paradise, head to the Big Easy. With 8.6 bars for every 10,000 households, New Orleans is America’s booziest city.