Okay, I know I have taken a couple weeks off in protest of Pia going home on American Idol.  I have now decided that everything that has frustrated me this season has nothing to do with the contestants and everything to do with the judges.  Seriously, if I hear "in it to win it" from Randy, "beautiful" from Steven and "amazing" from Jennifer one more time...I just may scream!

That being said, I am back to watching the show and I am ready to share my opinion on the contestants, once again.  Last night's show was marginal at best.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed Haley's performances for the first time and voted for her 50 times.  Going home tonight should be Lauren, but it could also be Jacob.  Both contestants had lack-luster performances that were not the caliber they should be at this stage of the contest.  If you missed the American Idol performances last night, watch below...who do you think is going home, Lauren or Jacob?  Or perhaps you disagree with me and think it is someone else.  Personally, I think it is the judges who should go!