American Idol continued last night with a stop in Milwaukee.  I still like the new judges and I think it's going to be a really good season. Of course it's about the talent and not the judges, but right now it's about Jennifer and Steven as we critique how they are doing.  I still like Steven and I'm still not sure if I like Jennifer.  Of course it wouldn't be a night without some bad contestants.

I never understand why people try to sing a new song, once the judges tell them no.  This was the case for aspiring DJ Joe who was terrible.  As Randy said, don't quit your day job.  Listen to Joe here:

But the judges did save Emma Henry who sang True Colors.  They didn't think she should go to Hollywood, but after a tons of tears, they decided to give her a second chance. 

My favorite for the night was Jerome Bell who sang Marvin Gaye.  He had an amazing voice and I can't wait to see him again in Hollywood. 

Tonight they're in Nashville and we'll have highlights tomorrow.  Did you have any favorites from last night?