So, Steven Tyler stated on The Leno Show that "he has never watched American Idol".  What? Why would the Idol producers put a judge on our show that has NEVER watched the show?  More importantly, why would he admit it?

The new panel of American Idol judges sat with Jay Leno on his late night show Monday night and newcomers Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez did the majority of the chatting.  During the interview, Tyler says he never saw Idol before being asked to be a judge on the show.  He added that he’ll be looking for Janis Joplin type singers during the series’ auditions.

He also revealed that Aerosmith would begin work on a new album this month and will possibly tour in November or December of this year.  But for now Tyler is gearing up for the new season of American Idol, where he and Jennifer Lopez serve as the new judges. It begins on Wednesday, January 19th on FOX.