From the top 12 to eleven without a vote. That is the way it looks like it is going to play out on this seasons American Idol.  TMZ reports that ‘American Idol‘ will remove a finalist tonight week for not being honest about their criminal record. It was not reported if it was a male or female contestant, but not identifying a criminal past to the network is considered an big no-no.

The person and the  crimes weren’t outlined by TMZ, but reportedly one of the offenses was a violent one, and to complete the arrest the victim gave police a false name...twice! Not a way to endear yourself to the producers.

We won't have to wait long to find out who it is. It should come out during the show this evening (Wednesday, March 14th) The contestant in question was confronted with the information last night (March 13) on camera, and the footage will appear in tonight’s episode.