The fashion industry has been criticized for a long time for it's portrayal of stick thin, unhealthy looking young models, but lately there has been a growing trend towards a more realistic idea of today's woman. One girl in particular has appeared on a number of fashion magazine covers, and she will be featured in a fall ad campaign for American fashion icon Ralph Lauren. Her name is Robyn Lawley, and she is a gorgeous size 12!


Robyn Lawley, as a size 12, is considered a plus size model. She began modeling at the age of 16, and used to struggle with her weight. "I'm big boned," Robyn told Good Morning America. "I used to be told to lose weight and exercise all the time. I got a huge amount of pressure to diet. And my body, it was such a battle for me to do that because I am tall and big boned. I really struggled to maintain that size." She left modeling for a while to study in France, and gained 40 pounds. "I gave up trying to be a model...and fell in love with food all over again, and came back much bigger than I was. And I saw plus sized models doing well. And I decided that I wanted that." Robyn says.



Miss Lawley is the first plus sized model to be featured in a Ralph Lauren ad campaign. That designer has taken a lot of criticism in the past for Photoshopping skinny models to look even thinner in his designer fashions. This move by such a visible, main stream designer is seen as a good sign that society is moving away from such unhealthy standards of what a beautiful body should look like. Says Robyn,"I genuinely want companies to take notice and start being more realistic about who their customer really is. I hope to keep breaking down those barriers." You go with your size 12 self!

What is your idea of a perfect size? Do you feel pressure to look a certain way?