It's very simple. If you're unhappy with your job, Amazon doesn't want you to work for them.

In a letter to shareholders late last week, Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos outlined the company's "Pay To Quit" program. Details on the program were shared with 40,000 warehouse employees in January, according to a company spokeswoman.

Amazon's reason for the program is simple. They don't want unhappy workers to stay with the company. In his letter, Bezos said "In the long-run, an employee staying somewhere they don't want to be isn't healthy for the employee or the company."

Newer Amazon employees are offered $2,000 to quit, and the program adds $1,000 for every year of employment until the pay out amount reaches $5,000. Amazon will extend this offer once a year.

Amazon's CEO hopes that very few warehouse employees take the offer, but he stresses that he only wants employees who like their job to work for his company.

So far, only 10% of employees have taken advantage of the "Pay To Quit" program and left the company.

The idea for Amazon's "Pay To Quit" program came from Zappos, another huge online retailer.

Would $5,000 entice you to leave your job?