It’s a monologue, it’s a blog … it’s a monoblog!

Two good jokes and one bad one – you decide which is which.

  • The Supreme Court continues deliberations today on Obamacare. Opponents are saying that if government can force you to buy health insurance it could also force you to buy other things, like broccoli. So there goes any support Obama had from fourth graders.
  • They don't have to worry, though. The government will never force anyone to buy and eat broccoli.  It says right there in the Constitution "no cruel and unusual punishment."
  • People are really fired up about this. Obama supporters were there shouting "We love Obamacare." Conservatives were shouting "We love the Constitution" back at them. The only people missing were people like me who would shout "Shut the hell up, all of you! Don't you have homes?" Politics is really getting to me, I guess.

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