Are you thinking about flying somewhere for the holidays? The news is not good, looks like airfares are rising again, just in time for holiday travel. U.S. airlines have attempted to raise fares 19 times this year, and have succeeded in 10 previous attempts.


Check out some of the increases after the jump.

Discount carrier Southwest and its subsidiary AirTran matched a fare increase Wednesday that was launched by larger airlines, likely ensuring that the industry's latest attempt to raise ticket prices will be successful.

Delta Air Lines on Tuesday announced an increase of $4 to $10 in ticket prices for one-way trips across much of the USA, with United Continental following. Southwest and AirTran matched it by raising $2 to $5 one-way on nearly all domestic fares, says Jamie Baker, an airline analyst at JPMorgan.

Other carriers, including Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, Frontier and Virgin America, have also matched.

There could be a light at the end of the tunnel. Fare increases don't always stick because some airlines balk and carriers don't like to price themselves too high against competitors.

All travel experts agree, you should buy now cause it could always get a little worse closer to the holiday's. Happy flying.