A Chicago area woman arrested in May for drunk driving is now suing county police for what she says was an illegal, humiliating strip search.

Dana Holmes was nearly three times over the legal blood alcohol limit when she was pulled over and taken to county jail, where surveillance footage shows her being pulled to the ground by a female officer and three male officers.

The 33-year-old was stripped completely of her clothes and left naked in a cell alone, where she cried on the floor for several minutes before police tossed her a ‘padded suit'. Holmes was transported to the county jail by local authorities who made no note of any combativeness. Footage of her DUI arrest released to the media shows her cooperating and the local authorities made no note of her resisting behavior.

Holmes is suing the LaSalle County sheriff's department and the four deputies for violating her civil rights after her May 18 arrest and for inflicting emotional harm by stripping her without legal justification and says she hopes the officers involved lose their jobs.

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