Thanks to a dating website, a good Samaritan has finally met the crash victim he helped two years ago in Southeast Michigan.

Marjie Harkema and Dave Skimin met only briefly when she was involved in a car accident along an icy stretch of M-14 between Ann Arbor and Detroit on January 2, 2012. The accident claimed both of Harkema's legs when she exited her vehicle, attempting to avoid being rear ended by another car. Moments later, Skimin stopped to help, staying with Harkema until an ambulance arrived.

"He picked [up] my leg that had been taken off at the scene, he picked it up off the freeway and put it on the side of the road with me," she told WJBK.

Two years later, Skimin happened upon a profile in an online dating site that seemed very familiar.

"She mentioned having missing her legs from the knees down and that she was in an accident and someone hit her at about 70 miles an hour, and it was in January 2012. And I thought, 'Well, gee, that's an interesting coincidence,'" Skimin says.

The two quickly made arrangements to meet last week, and when asked if they are dating or just friends, Skimin says, "We're talking."

Watch the video below for more on Dave and Marjie's story.
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- George McIntyre
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