If you have to make a trip to the ER, you could now be treated by a doctor on a screen from anywhere in the world.

It is called Telemedicine, and it is gaining popularity in emergency rooms. Telemedicine is giving patients access to doctors like never before. According to ABC12, this is already happening in Mid-Michigan. McLaren Flint is using this advanced system to diagnose patients symptoms quicker and more efficiently. Dr. Aniel Majjhoo, medical director of neurosciences for McLaren Health says every second counts, and now with this new technology he, and other doctors can beam in on iPads or cell phones and make a diagnoses immediately.

Will this change the overall doctors office experience? Maybe, but we are seeing this trend already in banks and some restaurants. You can even make a virtual doctors appointment from the comfort of your couch with Dr. on Demand, so why would an emergency room be any different? If it could help get the proper care quicker, when time is so important then I am ok with it!