A family in Kansas City, Missouri heard a loud boom upstairs, they went to investigate and discovered a Chevy Blazer in their attic. I'm asking myself what would be worse, to be in the house or to have been in the Blazer. More of the story after the jump.

There were six members of the Brown family home at the time of the incident, it happened at about 8:30 Wednesday evening.

“We were in my daughter’s room watching TV when we heard the noise,” said Michelle Brown.

Brown said her son discovered the SUV as he was leaving to go to the store. When police arrived, they found three people inside the SUV. Police said they believe the driver of the SUV was speeding north on Kensington Avenue, and drove up onto the lawn in front of the home, which acted like a ramp, sending the vehicle into the attic of the home. The three people in the SUV were taken to a hospital for treatment of their injuries. They’re expected to recover, police said.

Gee, do you think there was any drinking involved? Check out the news footage from KMBC.com.