Letting go of something that means a lot to you is very difficult. Yesterday, I had to part with something that was very special to me, and my kids... our school bus. Yes, I said school bus!

As a kid, did you ever sit in the driver seat of your parent's car and just play?  Well, my kids got to do that with the bus!  I bought my bus in 2006 and turned it in to an RV, complete with a bed, sink, fridge and most importantly my Atari. It stopped running a few years ago, and I didn't have the time, money or know how to fix it. Yesterday, we had to say goodbye.

The reason that I bought this particular bus is because it looks identical to the bus I rode in elementary school.  Without getting too detailed, I'll just say that the only place I felt safe at that point in my life was riding the bus to and from school.

It became a 'playhouse' for my three kids who now adore this machine almost as much as I do.  Because money is tight, my wife and I agreed that it was time to sell the bus.  With the pictures and videos from my phone, I put together a video for the kids.  I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it!

The views below are that of Jeremy D. Fenech, and NOT of Cars 108 or Townsquare Media.

UPDATE 6/21/2012 08:47am: I wasn't going to include this side note, but in light of the recent video of New York school bus monitor Karen Klein being tormented, I feel I must add to my original article.

When I was in third grade, I was bullied left and right both at school, and by a lot of the neighborhood kids.  From the time I got hit in the eye with an ice ball, mid-winter, waiting for the bus... to the time I noticed my bike (except for the front wheel and chain-lock it was attached to) was gone as the bus pulled up to my stop, school was never easy for me.  My very first bus driver, Mrs. Mary Martin, was like my guardian angel.  When I look at the video of Karen Klein, I picture Mrs. Martin and get so mad... I just want to "put those kids in their place" less than :20 seconds into the video.  The sad thing is, no matter how much the online campaign is able to raise for her, the words from those idiot kids will echo in her hears for the rest of her life!

UPDATE 6/21/2012 3:10pm: Again, the goal was $5,000 to send Karen Klein on vacation.  As of right now, the current total is $277,455!!