Before my son and I left for our venture to Northern Michigan, my dad told me about a place he took me to when I was a child called Mystery Spot in St. Ignace.  I have no recollection of this mysterious location, so Ben and I decided to check it out.

I know a lot about illusions, magic, smoke and mirrors, so I was convinced it would be a sham.  However, I'm still wondering what we saw and how it was possible.

The Mystery Spot was discovered by three Californian surveyors back in the 1950's.  They got some very strange readings on their equipment and felt light-headed.  Here's their story...

I can vouch for the light-headed and queasy feeling, and the overall amazement of strange things that we witnessed during our visit.

We saw water that appeared to flow uphill, and people who were taller than some appear shorter.

Above, my son looks as tall as the other boy, yet below Ben towers over him.  Believe me, these photos don't do it justice.  You have to see this for yourself.

After a tour of the Mystery Spot, we played their 18-hole miniature golf course, and spent some time trying to navigate their huge outdoor maze.

When you're a kid, once is never enough.  In my son's case, five times is never enough.  No matter how many times we went through the maze, I kept getting lost.  Thank goodness I had a navigator to get me through.

We had a blast exploring the wonders of Mystery Spot.  Our vacation in review continues tomorrow as we stop at Castle Rock.