Are you looking for an organization where you can help others perform random acts of kindness? There's a local group called Revolution of Kindness, who have different events every month by helping others in a pay it forward way.

There are roughly 370 members and they're always looking for more people to join the group. Each month there's a different activity, where they help someone else out.  One of the founders, who wishes to remain anonymous, talks about how it works:

"Each month we have an event for each member to carry out themselves. They go do the event and leave a business card behind for the person. The card will point them back to the group name and Facebook address and the back of the card says we just wanted to make your day."

This month, the group is putting money in books at the library. A member will go to the library and pick a popular book and put any amount in it, with the goals of making someone's day and letting them have a nice surprise when they open the book.

Members remain anonymous when they perform the act of kindness and it's all about helping others feel good about themselves. If you would like more details and to get involved, go to Facebook and search for Revolution of Kindness.

The group started with about 30 people and now there are over 370 members in two different states. Other events they've done include, paying for the person behind them at the drive-thru, paying for someone's movie tickets and even buying someone's groceries. Join the group today if you want to help others.