Meet Caila Fitchett.  Just look at that sweet little girl.  Sadly, at just 18 months old, Caila experienced a serious head trauma from a fall.

Today at almost 5 years old, she struggles daily with such things as remembering friends or family members' names, objects or letters.  She continues to ask the same questions over and over, and never remembers asking nor the answers.  She needs your help!

It frustrates and hurts her as other children treat her like she is “stupid.”  She will have to spend her life in various special learning classes, therapy and will always be behind.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is the only known 'cure' for head trauma memory loss.  The results are amazing in young children.  However, the longer the treatment is delayed, the more permanent the damage becomes.  The therapy costs $5400 and is not covered by insurance.

I am hosting a fundraiser to help Caila and her family.  Please help us raise the money so she can complete treatments prior to entering school.  She is such a beautiful & sweet girl and deserves to feel smart.

We have raised over $4,100 so far, and we thank those who helped out!  Tonight is our last chance to help raise the remaining $1,300.  We will be at Sharky's from  until 11pm with 50/50 raffles and a whole lot more!!! You'll see me selling tickets and announcing winning numbers!

Donations can also be made at any Chase Bank to Caila Fitchett.  Help out if you can, and thank you in advance!  Please help us help this little girl!