I triple dog dare you not to smile when you watch this!

The 1983 movie "A Christmas Story" is still a big part of many people's holiday season. We all have our favorite parts. The scene that has Darin McGavin putting the "Fra-jee-lay" lamp that he won through a sweepstakes in the front window makes me laugh out loud every time, and so does the scene wear Ralphie drops the "F" bomb while helping his dad fix a flat tire. To reacquaint yourself with this Christmas classic, watch the movie trailer below.

Arguably the most classic scene though, is the triple dog dare scene in which young Flick sticks his wet tongue on a very cold flag pole during a school recess.

Watch (and cringe) the original version from the 1983 movie, "A Christmas Story."

Now watch a recent reenactment done by three young boys on a New York subway car. The reactions from their fellow passengers is hilarious!