93-year-old Rachel Veitch of Orlando, Florida has finally stopped driving her 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente after nearly a half century and over 576,000 miles. Veitch, who was a stickler for keeping her car in mint condition, finally had to give up driving her "lovely Chariot."


The reason: She is now legally blind. She bought the car new for $3,289 and has maintained the vehicle religiously. She has gone through 18 batteries, 8 mufflers, 3 sets of shocks and more oil changes than she can count.

She has gone nearly 50 years without a car payment. That's easily above $100,000 in savings over the years. With interest, probably closer to $200,000.

Even though our auto factories haven't made a sale to this gal in a long time, it's pretty impressive the way she has kept her car going for all these years.

Perhaps she's looking for a driver?