The title says it all...

This is the smile you're looking for today!

70 year old Ria, a grandmother from the Netherlands, has a fear of flying on a plane. This roller coaster ride is the first step in conquering that.

Ria and another lady, An, who is a 72 year old grandmother, also with a fear of flying, were featured as part of Vodafone's ad campaign called "Firsts."

The roller coaster was a joy for both, but Ria is the star, as you'll see in the video below. It helped with their fear of flying on a plane as well. Both managed a flight that took them to a beach front vacation.

The video is called "Nan on a roller coaster." Enjoy it below.

If you're curious as to how these two adventurous ladies managed through their first plane ride and if it was worth it, watch the video below. They are characters, and it's another feel good thing to enjoy.