If you're a fan of Carnival cruises with water slides and rock climbing walls, this may not be the cruise for you.

The Titanic II's maiden voyage will be from China to Dubai in 2018, and is the brainchild of Australian billionaire Clive Palmer and his company, Blue Star Line.

Just like the original ship, Titanic II will have first, second and third class cabins and dining rooms, and the grand staircase, smoking room, Café Parisien and Marconi Room will be recreated almost down to the exact detail. Unlike the original, however, there will be a helipad on the top of the ship.

Across the ship's three classes, there will be 840 cabins with a capacity of 2,435 passengers and 900 crew. And, obviously, there will be enough lifeboats.

People are already paying $900,000 or more for a first class cabin. If there's no disco or shore excursions, I'm not sure I could justify that price. Plus, let's be honest - superstitious? Yes. Very.