As a farm wife and mother I've had a lot of different species of animals in my house over the years, but I have always drawn the line at one or two of any type at any given time. You have to set limits! There are no limits for this couple, though! How many pigs would you let live in your house?



A Vermont couple, Florence Gruber and Alan Tsefrekas, have been ordered by town officials to find homes for the pot bellied pigs that they share their house with. All 30-40! That order arose from complaints made by neighbors. The pigs and house are clean and the animals are well taken care of, but Gruber also acknowledges that living with so many pigs has taken over her life. The couple's pigs, who are litter box trained, have found new homes or been sent to rescue shelters.

Would you have a pot bellied pig as a pet? What is the craziest animal that you've let stay in your house?