Thanks to the Internet, you can see the best 2012 Super Bowl ads before the game. That means you'll be able to use the commercial breaks to grab a beer or go to the bathroom, and actually watch the football game. What? You don't care about the game? Eh, you'll figure something out.

You've already seen Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller-esque Honda commercial - it's the most-talked-about Super Bowl commercial this year. (And it works, because it makes me want a CR-V!) You HAVEN'T seen it yet? Watch it now. Before you do anything else!

And Jerry Seinfeld's Acura spot is great right up until Jay Leno ruins it. Fail. Check that out too.

Pepsi, Toyota, Volkswagon, and others have submitted great entries this year. Check 'em out, let us know in the comments section what your favorites are.

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    Go Daddy - 'Body Paint'

    Go Daddy always finds a way to include beautiful women in its Super Bowl commercials. I had to watch it twice to figure out what they were pitching.

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    Dannon Oikos Yogurt - 'The Tease'

    I included this in the spirit of gender equality. Go Daddy’s ad is all about eye candy for the men, Dannon gives the ladies an opportunity to drool. Plus, John Stamos getting head-butted in the face is the cherry on top of this Super Bowl “Sundae.”

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    Volkswagon - 'The Dog Strikes Back'

    PETA is not going to like this, but Volkswagon found a way to pit animal lovers against Star Wars geeks.

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    Pepsi Max - 'I'm Back'

    Regis Philbin is back, and so is the Coca-Cola delivery man whose secret love is Pepsi Max. So this is what it’s like to get caught cheating! How long was Regis retired, 20 minutes?

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    Toyota Camry - 'It's Reinvented'

    Life would be so much better if we could just reinvent things, wouldn’t it? Exercise equipment would have even more hooks for hanging clothes. Housework would be more like online shopping. Toyota takes “reinvented” to a whole new level!