I'm not exaggerating when I say that running the Crim changed my life. I started running in 1997, and struggled mightily
through several local 5k races. I had heard about this big race in Flint called The Crim, but had never witnessed it or taken part in it. I entered the Crim 5k in 97', and it was the first time I was able to cover that distance without stopping to walk and catch my breath. The experience of being a part of the Crim was profound, and I resolved to come back the next year to do the Ten Mile event.

This year will be my 15th consecutive Crim 10-Miler. I got through my first couple of them by training with my friends. Not everyone has friends that are active, so the Crim Training Program can help you with that. Thousands of ordinary people have trained and finished the Crim by doing this program. Many have come back as group leaders and or have gone on
to finish marathons and more. You never know what you are capable of until you take that first step. It's that simple.
The Crim Adult Training program is 15 weeks, from May until race day, August 25th. Programs are available for folks who have never run before, to those who want to get faster. Morning and evening training groups are available to fit into most people's schedules. You'll meet new people, get discounts on running/walking gear and entries into two local
races plus a Crim event.

Details and entry forms for the Crim Traning Program are available at Bauman's Running and Walking Shop and at Complete Runner. You can also visit www.crim.org

You may not be a runner now, but you could be with a little help from the Crim Training Program. All that is required is you taking the first step. Who knows where that could lead?