Even if you have never seen the actual commercial you still know the classic line. "Excuse me. Do you have any Grey Poupon?" This iconic bit of advertising is set to make a comeback!


This 1981 advertisement was made by Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, the ad agency that also handles other high profile clients like Burger King, Best Buy and Domino's. The commercial was directed by Bryan Buckley, who has directed more than 40 Super Bowl ads.

Kraft Foods, the parent company of Grey Poupon, says that the ad will air only once at the very beginning of the Oscars at an estimated cost of 1.7 million dollars. "It's the classiest award show of the year, so it's very in line with the brand." says Sara Braun the head of Grey Poupon, Miracle Whip and Mayo for Kraft Foods.

It's hoped that the return of this classic television commercial will boost sales of Grey Poupon. Those sales have been flat for several years as other gourment mustards enter the market place.