15 more Genesee County inmates were released this morning and are being sent to Clinton County. This was made possible though the $1 million appropriation that Governor Rick Snyder just signed, which means Genesee County will have up to 200 beds and more state police on the streets.

Sheriff Pickell discussed the bill that was just signed and explains what's next:

"The governor will allow us up to 200 beds. This means 85 more inmates can move out of the county jail and while we're moving people out of jail, state police have brought in extra patrols. This weekend, there will be 20 state troopers and four sergeants on the road."

The sheriff also mentioned that the feds will be taking over gun felony possession cases, which means they'll have a stronger punishment then what they have now. Right now, if a felon is charged with gun possession, he can get probation but under the federal system, they can get six years without parole.

Sheriff Pickell believes Flint will become a safer place by having more jail space, more state troopers and stronger prosecution and believes it's a good start in the right direction.