Abby Wetherell thought she was going to die as she was being attacked by a bear near her home in Cadillac Thursday night. The 12-year old was jogging home from her grandparents' house when the incident occurred. After the initial struggle, she was able to get away, but the bear chased her and mauled her again.

Abby, donning her 'Duck Dynasty' shirt, spoke with ABC in the video below.

"When it came back the second time, it kinda stopped. So I kinda petted it, and that did not work. Then it just mauled me, I think worse."

Some who commented on our original story criticized Wetherell's parents for letting a a young girl roam the area unsupervised.

Others say the girl may have gotten between a mother black bear and her cubs.

See the rest of the comments on our original story here.

- George McIntyre
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