The big Thanksgiving feast is behind us, but there are more dinners and dinner parties just around the corner.  We've got a few topics you'll want to avoid to prevent some awkward moments in the conversation.

A new survey of 1,000 Americans reveal the top 12 topics to steer clear of while at the dinner table.

1. 59% of people said that the most taboo topic is your or anyone else's sex life.

2. Asking people about their income is number two on the list at 53%.

3. Talking openly about your income or financial situation is was right up there at 51%.

4. Why this would ever come up in casual conversation is beyond me, but the kind of birth control you use got the thumbs down from 42% of those surveyed.  So it must have come up a few times.

5. About a third of those surveyed, 34%, said you should shy away from the state of your relationship or marriage.

6. Obviously a big hot-button for some people, 32% of people recommend avoiding the topic of religion.

7. Politics.  What more do I need to say?  I am surprised that only 32% recommend avoiding this one.

8. It's sad that in today's modern world, we still have to worry about the touchy subject of race.  About 1/4 of those surveyed, 24%, said that this is a big no-no.

9. 22% of Americans say that discussing Facebook or online dating profiles should be avoided.

10. How many Facebook friends or Twitter followers do you have?  21% of those surveyed couldn't care less.

11. This one is a no-brainer. Don't talk about death.  19% say that would 'kill' the mood.

12. Finally, 18% of people on the survey say to avoid serious health issues.

And there you have it!  12 topics to avoid that should prevent an awkward dinner party.  Did the survey miss anything?  Let us know in the comments.