"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign"

I'm afraid those who struggle with punctuation, grammar, and spelling are slowly winning, and taking over the world. Here's a collection of 10 signs that prove it. Many of them were spotted right here in the Flint area.

1. It's fall now...

Time to put away the pool supply's, and dive into the text book's.

W. Riddle

2. Girls and Gentlemen, let's all agree...

There's only one lady whose clothing should fit properly.

A. Isola

3. I can't even tell if this person is a Walling supporter or not.

Is that supposed to be, "Sucks," "Suckers," or "Suck ass?"


4. You know who else loves you?

The tow truck in the movie 'Cars.'

G. McIntyre

5. Yeah, it's the grammar that disappoints me the most at McDonald's.

The Marketing department rejected "Either lane, any time."

G. McIntyre

6. One jewel of a sign...

I'm busy on the 21th, but how about the 22rd?

C. Willoughby

7. Taco's what?

Are those hard shell's, or soft shell's?

W. Riddle

8. Common, ordinary shingles shots...

It's an everyday problem, I see it expressed incorrectly every day.

G. McIntyre

9. To long for you...

I'm willing to bet they guessed correctly on "it's" and "patience."

G. McIntyre

10. Don't mess with us...

We already had the apostrophe towed.

G. McIntyre

(Bonus!) Oh, the irony...

This isn't actually a sign, but a screenshot of the Cars 108 website. I've given up preaching to my coworkers about the importance of correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Of all the errors that have made their way to this site, this is definitely my favorite one. This story (The title has been corrected.) is about a school that spells its own name wrong on its MARQUEE.) Jeremy told us he did it intentionally. I don't buy it.


See a sign for "10 items or less" at the grocery store, or any other sign that drives you nuts? Send it to me so I can feature it here. We'll cringe together!

- George McIntyre
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